Cosmopolitan, Alexia Aubert is a mom who lives at 1000 miles an hour. Back in school with great shoe masters such as Christian Louboutin and Pierre Hardy, she launched her own brand with Jacques Solovière Paris only 1 year ago. Against all expectations, Alexia proposed a collection for men. As a market expert, she realized that there was a real deficiency and the urge came naturally. With Matthieu Albertini, her husband, they form a very social couple who combine social life in the evening and family life during the day while finding strong pieces for their interior. She does not hesitate to place the Facett armchair by the Bouroullec brothers as the centerpiece of the living room. Between sculptures and decorative furniture, the result is striking. This week she just released a children's line with the Italian Pépé. Una meraviglia!


How long have you been living in this apartment?

ALEXIA I have been living in this apartment since May 2015.

Where do you feel best?

ALEXIA  The room I prefer to be in is my bedroom. It’s all white, without any frills, with only our super thick American-style mattress bed. It's like my decompression cabin.


Which artist inspires you the most?

ALEXIA I love Mathias Kiss's work, his crumpled mirrors and his work on the golden moldings. A good mutual friend introduced us and today Mathias is wearing Jacques Solovière Paris shoes.

Your addresses in Paris?

ALEXIA I love our neighborhood: I recommend a dinner at the Braisenville bar, the 22 Milton gallery where we find our design objects, a cocktail at the Professore and for children the Botou boutique.

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