Alexis Michalik is the symbol of the "new wave" of French theatre. At only 37 years old thanks to his writing and his innovative staging renewing the way of looking at the theatre, he marked the 6th art with numerous rewarded pieces such as " Le Porteur d'Histoire", "Le Cercle Des Illusionnistes" and "Edmond".With his 4 Molieres, the author actor and director Alexis is certainly one of the most important figure of the contemporary French scene.

He teaming up with Jacques Solovière Paris to launch a new unisex moccasin model.

 Act 1 scene 1 The dialogue begins. Everyone in his or her role. To Michalik the play, to Jacques Solovière Paris the shoes. They thus form this inseparable whole which makes the show singularly elegant. The purpose: a common vision of chic, which some like to describe as "effortless". In reality, nothing is more demanding than naturalness. Shoes, pants in which a pretty knit fabric is nestled. How to make this obvious trio look triumphant? All it takes is a fold. The signature of the J.Solovière Paris shoes which, like that of a garment, marks in one stroke the border between the ordinary and the marvellous.


How did you and Alexia meet ?

Alexis Michalik  On the Place de L’Opera, early in the morning, many years ago.

We were pro bono one time models for a self-proclaimed photographer. We never got to see the shot, but we became friends.

An emerging brand has to be : 

A.M. Very brave. Bold. And audacious.

Do you think the saying “Shoe can tell about the person?” is true?

A.M. Well, let’s see: I hate wasting time, I don’t like laces. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

What I like about J.Solovière Paris is…

A.M. It’s classical audacity.

What's the best advice for the future?

A.M. Work hard, take care of our planet, don’t forget to live and love, and try not to worry.

Alexis Michalik selection 

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