When all we took for granted has suddenly stopped and nothing resembles what it was – a year in which our lives have taken an unexpected turn and we are all, individually and collectively, forced to reinvent ourselves and push the limits of our creativity.

Our habits and priorities will be disrupted, and no one can imagine what tomorrow will hold. This is especially true for a small company like Jacques Soloviere Paris, an independent designer without the umbrella of a large group, whose fragility as is accentuated during this turbulent time.

Times may not be harder but they will certainly be different, and we are preparing for that.

This is the commitment of the Jacques Soloviere Paris brand.

Already, we are doing this by maintaining our production in Italy, where we continue to support the craftsmanship, quality and, above all, the people and their families to whom we have entrusted our projects. However, many Italian manufacturers have closed, and may remain on hiatus for an extended period, but we will be there to support them when the time comes to rebuild and recover from this ordeal.

Jacques Solovière Paris's commitment remains to produce only the quantities needed in order to avoid waste from overproduction as much as possible. Sustainability and quality are paramount principles.

Creativity is also essential. And that is why the Jacques Solovière Paris creative team will remain united and continue pushing new ideas.

With philosophy, humanism and lucidity.

Today, more than ever, we need the full support of our customers.

Thank you for your fidelity, and stay safe.

Alexia Aubert,

Founder and designer at Jacques Solovière Paris

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